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The Client

The-Farms is an organic food company that’s focused on promoting organic lifestyle by selling fresh food products and educating masses about adapting a home-grown organic diet. As they are an emerging brand, their previous website didn’t align with their rapid growth, and they felt a need for a solid online presence to spread out their message to a much larger audience. Therefore, they reached out to SQ Interactive to help them build a fully-functional online store that could improve their online sales and their brand reputation.



The Solution

As The-Farms team had an idea of what type of online store they wanted, it made the puzzle a little easier to solve. WordPress along with WooCommerce was chosen as the platform of development due to the specific needs the client had.

We prototyped multiple variants of the major pages of the website including the homepage, the storefront, and the checkout page. After that, we moved on to actually designing and developing the visual layout and adding custom-coded functionalities to important areas of the site.



The Result

After several iterations and implementing a growth-driven design, we finally came up with a minimalist and mobile-responsive e-commerce website for The-Farms. The website now has an active online store with all the necessary features and functions that were required. We also created a learning hub on the site to help The-Farms educate their audience about organic lifestyle as well.

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