Dan Martell

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The Client

Dan Martell is the CEO of Clarity and one of the Canada’s top angel investors. He runs his blog where he publishes every week a new video tutorial on growth hacking, startup tips, and business ethics.

Dan Martell

The Solution

Dan Martell has a huge fan following and receives high user engagement on his every new blog post. However, he was losing out on a lot of leads that could be used to generate sales and receive promotions.

We, the SQ™ Interactive digital marketing team, implemented a powerful content upgrade system for DanMartell.com to help him grow his email list by acquiring targeted leads every time he publishes a new video on his blog.

Dan Martell

The Result

We installed post-specific content upgrades on Dan Martell’s blog so that he could give away his best strategies to his readers in exchange for their email addresses. In over a week, the lead magnet we installed was converting the existing traffic to the post at an amazing 20% rate.

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