Make Buyer’s Experience A Breeze With LemonStand

Make Buyer Experience A Breeze With LemonStand

Your eCommerce store shouldn’t look old and ugly. You need a robust platform and a dedicated team that makes your buyer’s entire shopping experience beautiful.

Your eCommerce store shouldn’t look old and ugly. You need a robust platform and a dedicated team that makes your buyer’s entire shopping experience beautiful.



Looking to get started with LemonStand? We’ll get your store launched faster and better than had you done it on your own.

Of course, you can launch your online store yourself, but the simple matter is that you don’t have the experience of launching dozens of successful eCommerce stores.

We’ll Help You Start Smooth With LemonStand By:

  • Creating your account and setting up your store
  • Adding your pages, products and customizing the theme
  • Configuring checkout process and basic SEO
  • Providing 10 days of hands-on eCommerce training


In today’s digital space where user distraction is increasing fast, online retailers must focus on simplifying the buyer’s journey.

To achieve this, our team of expert designers will completely customize the entire user experience of your LemonStand store that is unique and intuitive and works flawlessly on any device.

Our LemonStand Design Service Includes:

  • Custom Theme Design
  • Checkout Interface Design
  • User-Centric Website Layout
  • Unlimited Design Revisions



Convinced with LemonStand but afraid of losing essential data while migrating from another eCommerce software?

We can help you seamlessly migrate your current eCommerce website’s data including products and everything else to LemonStand eCommerce platform.

And when we say everything that means each and everything!

Once you signup to LemonStand, our developers will help you migrate the entire data from your existing eCommerce website to your new LemonStand store such that your data always remains safe and secure.


Our experienced eCommerce store administrators can fully manage and maintain your LemonStand store while you can focus on other important things in your business.

That’s important when you are busy in other projects at the same time or you simply don’t have enough time to update your website every day on your own.

This is where we come in. Our experienced LemonStand website administrators will keep your eCommerce business running smoothly by managing all your products and orders and handling all sorts of customer support requests in an effective manner.


Always Look Unique

Unlike other hosted eCommerce platforms, LemonStand gives you the complete design control of your online store to create a unique brand experience across all the devices and screens.


      Zero Transaction Fees!

      While others may squeeze out an annoying transaction fee on your each sale, LemonStand doesn’t charge you any fees. That means no matter how much you sell, you get to keep all the profits.


          More Features In Budget

          Doesn’t matter how big or small your profits are, with LemonStand you keep receiving free automatic feature updates to improve your workflow at almost half the price of what other platforms charge.


              Begin A Refreshing Ecommerce Journey

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